Ghosts from the Past
Dani Smythe | 15 | Sophomore at Crawford

Gage Carson | 19 | Freshman at Westerville Community College

We were held captive for years, he's my best friend and like a brother to me. People thought we were dead....well, here we are.

I live with my cousin, Sebastian, and his family and Gage lives with his boyfriend, Adrian. Currently he's working on tracking his family down. Me? I'm working on surivving Crawford.

Gage sighed, looking through a magazine as he sat on the counter. He looked outside of the store from the counter, trying to see…he was hoping Adrian would come in again, honestly.

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    "No one!"
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    "He wont get out….he is going to jail"
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    "H-Hi," Gage stuttered.
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    Greg nodded, “Of course.”